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ちからの備忘録的日記 » cloud, summary posts » Amazon S3 ライクな REST API が使えるストレージサービスのまとめ

Amazon S3 ライクな REST API が使えるストレージサービスのまとめ

Amazon S3 のように REST API が使えるストレージサービスをまとめてみました。


Rackspace Cloud Files

» Cloud Files – Unlimited Online Storage & Data Storage Services

Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform

» Cloud Storage Architecture, Cloud Storage Platform – Mezeo Cloud Storage

Google Storage for Developers

» Google Storage for Developers

Microsoft Windows Azure storage services

» Windows Azure Storage | Windows Azure Platform

Windows Azure

Nirvanix hNode – Hybrid Cloud Storage as a Service

» Hybrid Cloud Storage – The Best of Public and Private Cloud Storage – Nirvanix




OpenStack Object Storage

» OpenStack Open Source Cloud Computing Software

Eucalyptus Walrus

» Interacting with Walrus (1.4) | Eucalyptus Community

RADOS Gateway with Ceph

» RADOS Gateway – Ceph wiki


» MogileFS –

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